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Classic Ring Pillows


Artfully and meticulously crafted  Ring Bearer pillow, embriodery _FRAZA_   allows you to tie the knot in style.
HANDMADE _FRAZA_ created by our hands in our workshop, so rest assured that each _FRAZA_   has been created with style and longevity in mind.

These _FRAZA_   are handmade with love and care.
All of or _FRAZA_ are engraved to order to create a truly unique keep sake or gift.

Wedding date embroidered with gold thread.
There’s also a variety of attractive styles to choose from.
Simply provide us with you and your partner’s name and the _FRAZA_ design you prefer. We’ll then take care of the rest.
It also helps preserve the appearance of the rings, protecting them from possible scratches.
You have the option of inserting either a single ring or two inside the boxes.

All in all, this _FRAZA_  or wedding occasions adds more charm and elegance to your special day.
It’s truly a memento that you will cherish for the rest of your life!

Looking for a perfect _FRAZA_ for your wedding rings? We can create a perfect _FRAZA_ for your big date! 

Customized _FRAZA_ matched to your wedding style!•



These beautiful _FRAZA_ are perfect for the big day, proposal or as a beautiful keepsake.
Choose one of our example designs include the design letter in the personalisation pillow or simply let us know what you'd like .
Design proofs are available prior to engraving. Just leave a message requesting this when placing your order.

Weddings are a highly monumental event, and what better way to make yours truly memorable than with a personalised _FRAZA_ !




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