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I. General information

  1. margoandbees.com online shop Bartoszewicz&Bartoszewicz ul. Wrocławska 113 58-306 Wałbrzych  NIP 886-298-45-47  R:022479178  Poland Shop is conducting retail sales through the Internet network. Orders are accepted only through the website after the registration of the Purchaser in the online shop system.

2. The information contained on the website does not constitute an offer in the meaning of Civil Code. Purchaser placing orders through the shop website makes an offer to purchase specific goods under the conditions specified in the product description. The conclusion of the contract of sale is a written confirmation by the Purchaser on the waybill presented by the employee of the courier company.

3. The shop stipulates that the pictures of our products, located on the websites of the Shop, are only exemplary pictures and that the products may differ slightly in color or size from the products shown on the relevant pictures for which the shop is not responsible.

4. Any personal data of the Purchaser registered in the store system will be used only for the purpose of the contract and the conduct of the promotional and advertising campaign of the shop. Personal data will not be disclosed to third parties or processed otherwise. The Purchasers have the right to access their personal data and to correct it, in accordance with

5.Payments can be made only by payment card, In case of  payment card , the reimbursement for the purchased product will be transferred directly to the payment card account.

Available payment methods: 
Payment Cards: Visa - VisaElectron; Master Card - Master Card Electronic Maestro



II. Placing an order

1. An order can be placed by a person who has an account in the Shop.

2. Orders may be placed only through the system appearing on the website of the Store.

3. Each order placed is given a number which Purchaser is obliged to give at each contact with the Store. Otherwise, correspondence with the Purchaser will be rejected and shall not be taken into account by the Shop.

4. Minimum order value is specified for wedding invitations, widget, pendants, small cotillions, little thank you boxes for guests and shall be a minimum of 40 pieces of one type with the same content.

5. Order will be forwarded to fulfillment after agreeing on product specification by the Purchaser with the Shop and final acceptance of the contract through the system on the Internet Shop website.

6. Commencement of the order fulfillment will occur after acceptance by the Purchaser all orders and payment for the purchased goods to the designated bank account of the Shop.

Order number assigned by the Shop should be included in the title of bank transfer. Otherwise, fulfillment of the order will not happen until the Purchaser contacts the Store and clarifies the issue of the order number.

7. The term of payment for ordered products shall be 7 days from the date of final acceptance of the order.

8. In the case of an order for wedding invitations or wedding invitations and other goods, the payment deadline is 7 days from the date of notification of the Sop by the Purchaser of the final version of the wedding invitations.

9. Graphic designs

We send a graphic design of wedding invitation by e-mail with one version of the text and pictures. Proper amendments should be made independently. Completion of the order of wedding invitations will take place after the Purchaser informs the Shop by e-mail about the final version of the invitations and makes payment for all goods purchased within 7 days of submission of this information to the Shop.

10. When ordering, Purchaser is obliged to provide shipping address. Otherwise the order will not be fulfilled and will be automatically erased from the register of orders.

11. Sample service

The Shop sends only the samples of products that are available in sample service section.

Samples are sending for free, are chosen randomly and cannot be customized.

III. Order fulfillment

1. Order fulfillment will take place after submission of the proper order using system located on the website of the shop and after a bank transfer is made, giving as a title of the transfer the exact number of order assigned by the online Shop system.

2. Shop does not interfere with the information provided by the Purchaser for the purpose of the order, in particular, it does not correct any spelling or grammatical mistakes in given text.

3. Wedding invitations are made after the final acceptance of their specifications by the Purchaser and after the payment is made on the Shop bank account.

4. Purchaser may not interfere in the patterns of the products offered by the shop without prior contact with the Store and the final agreement.

5. The Shop does not fulfill order according to individual patterns of Purchasers. Products available on special order are available in the "ON ORDER" section.

6. Delivery time ranges from 14 to 21 working days from the date of final approval of the digital draft - after receiving the money on the bank account of the Shop. In the transfer title Purchaser is obliged to give the exact number of the order. Otherwise the order will not be shipped until the Purchasers contacts the Shop to confirm the money transfer and payment title.

7. In case the order cannot be fulfilled in the period stated above, for reasons beyond the Shop control, the Shop will inform the Purchaser and provide a new delivery time.
In case when the order cannot be completed in the indicated to the purchaser time and the reason is on the Shop side, the purchaser can request a refund. With the exception of external factors not dependent on the store.

8. Entire order placed under the same name is sent in one parcel. The buyer covers the cost of one shipment regardless of the number of items ordered.

9. Packages are sent through courier company. Delivery time of the parcel through the courier company is not included in the delivery time of the order. The Shop does not take responsibility for delays in the delivery that are caused by a failure to honor the contact of delivery and postal services by the courier company.
Package shipped internationally may be subject to import taxes, customs duties, and/or fees imposed by the destination country. These charges will be due once the shipped goods arrive at the country of destination.
Please note that we do not have any responsibility on these additional charges that may apply.

10. In case a parcel is not delivered, the Purchaser is obliged to immediately inform the Shop and provide the order number.

11. In case of a failure to deliver order in time, the service returns 1% of the order value to the Purchaser for each day of the delay counting from the day the money was received on the bank account – payments wtihout the order number are not included.

IV. Return of goods

1. RETURNS ARE NOT ACCEPTED as products in our shop are personalized and made on special order.

V. Complaints

1. When making a complaint Purchaser is obliged to inform the Shop by email, stating in the title of the e-mail their order number. In content of the message Purchaser should provide personal information, bank account number and order number. The Purchaser is obliged to send the ordered goods AT THEIR OWN EXPENSE to the address of the Shop. The Purchaser is obliged to secure the goods to prevent it from damage during transportation.

2. Complaints can be made within 10 business days of receiving the order. After this date, complaints will not be accepted. 

3. The shop does not accept returned parcels in case of cash on deliveries.

4. Reimbursement for purchased goods shall be made within one week from the day of delivery of returned goods to the Shop, provided all conditions named in paragraph V.1. are met.

5. In case of printing errors made by the Shop, the Purchaser has a right to return the goods at their own expense within 10 days from the day of receiving the goods. Within 7 days form the day of receiving returned goods, the Shop will send a return package to the Purchaser with corrected or new goods.

6. In case of complaints returns, a charge of a digital draft service may be reduced from the total refund amount.


VI. Warranty

1. The Shop stipulates that the pictures of goods offered on the Shop website may differ slightly from their actual appearance, for example in terms of their colors and sizes and it cannot form the basis of a complaint, in accordance with paragraph V.1

2. Prerequisite for any claims made by the Purchaser is checking the package upon the collection and filling a damage report in case of damaged or missing goods.

VII. Receipts and VAT invoices

1. Prices of products listed on the Shop website are inclusive of tax and include VAT.

2. At the request of the Purchaser, included in the order made through the online Shop system located on the Shop website, the Shop will issue a VAT invoice for the Purchaser, provided that all information needed for issuing of the VAT invoice will be given by the Purchaser.


VII. General provisions
1.1 This privacy policy defines the rules of confidential information protection concerning the Users, including personal data, by the administrator of this data, i.e. the entity running the Shop, hereinafter referred to as the Seller.
1.2 For the purposes of interpretation of this documents, the definitions are contained in the Rules and Regulations of the Shop
1.3 The Seller running an on-line shop uses its best efforts to protect the rights of Users, in particular, in the area of privacy protection and the protection of information provided to the Seller and concerning Users. This information including personal data of Users are duly protected and on-line forms for sending this information are protected by the SSL protocol, owing to which the information transfer process is encoded. When processing personal details of Users, the Seller strives to ensure protection against unauthorized access against being taken by an unauthorized person, illegal processing and their change, loss or damage.
1.4 Due to the voluntary character of providing personal data by a User, the User may request the Seller to remove their personal data from the Seller's database
2. Personal details
2.1 While using the Shop, a User may be asked to provide their personal data, in particular:
- during registration at the Shop contact and shipment details
- when they express a wish to receive the Seller's newsletter e-mail address
- while placing an order contact and shipment details
2.2 Personal data of Users are used only for purposes specified in the Rules and Regulations of the Shop, i.e. for the needs of providing services by the Seller, as well as for marketing purposes in connection with the operation of the Seller's company, including the Shop, as well as in connection with services and goods presented at the Shop.
2.3 Personal data of the Buyer required for delivery completion are revealed to entities performing deliveries courier companies, postal operators, etc. for the purposes of goods/service delivery to the Buyer.

3. Cookies
3.1 The Seller uses cookie files for transactions at the Shop. The Seller assures that cookies files do not store any information making it possible to identify a specific person. The User can, at any time, disable cookie files at its Internet browser; however, this can make it difficult to use the Shop.