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Gift Card Box, Velvet Grey wedding wishing well money gift card box, Personalized Wedding Card Box, Luxury Greenery Card Box, Wedding Grey and Gold Card Box with Lid, Wedding Money Box, Grey Green Wedding Card Box
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    Gift Card Box, Velvet grey wedding wishing well money gift card box, Personalized Wedding Card Box,
    Luxury greyery Card Box, Wedding grey and Gold Card Box with Lid, Wedding Money Box, grey grey Wedding Card Box

    The perfect card box for the perfect day!
    This beautiful & personalized card box will catch your guest's attention and make it easy for them to drop their lovely cards in.
    This box can can be used for multiple purposes. After the wedding, use this box for storing money, wine corks or wedding memorabilia....
    We know planning a wedding involves a myriad of small details and we're here to help you with everything regarding stationery!
    You're probably overwhelmed but don't stress yourself out too much.
    One thing that is so often forgotten about when planning a wedding is that guests arrive with a gift card, a gift voucher or even an envelope containing money.
    There is no better way then to display all of the precious gifts you may receive than by using our wonderful golden acrylic letters card box.
    -Personalized golden acrylic letters card box with a premium purple velvet
    -10" x 8.5" x 9.5" with 7" card slot and removable lid | Holds 100+ cards
    - Names & the wedding date can be made in gold mirror, silver mirror, white or black letters

    It's not ideal to have wedding cards and envelopes laying around the venue. There is a huge possibilty of them getting lost.
    This also may be uncomfortable for your guests as they will be looking for a place or person to hand them to.
    It is certainly not the best idea to hand them to the bride & groom during the event as they won't be able to look after your gifts.
    Your best man or your maid of honor will probably be very busy. They also won't want to hold onto the items.
    Custom Gold Mirror Wedding Gift Wishing Well Box golden acrylic letters Invitation Card Box for Wedding
    Instantly add modern glamour to your gift table with this trendy velvet purple gift box.
    The golden grey acrylic letters wedding gift box can be much more than just a one-off special event card box.
    Use it as a keepsake to store your memories or reuse for other special occasions.
    The golden acrylic letters wedding gift card box securely holds congratulatory cards, gift envelopes, gift cards, cash gifts, and money envelopes.

    Our lovely modern grey wedding gift card box is the perfect solution to this problem.
    Place it on the reception desk where guests check in when they arrive.
    They can then leave their gifts, knowing that they are safe and will be taken home with you when the occasion is over.

    The top lid is hinged and opens up. It is secured with a silver padlock. On top of the box is a slot for posting in cards and envelopes.
    The box does not have any words, making it versatile enough to be used for any occasion or celebration.
    Make sure your guests know where to leave there cards and well wishes with our golden acrylic letters card box.
    Place it on the gift table and your guests will know exactly where to leave their words of congratulations.

    A great way to know where cards are at the end of the night to take home.
    Surround the card box with other items from our Botanical Wedding range.
    In the years to come after your event, this beautiful wishing well box will become a treasured heirloom of your special day. Take it out from time to time and reminisce over the wonderful memories.
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