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Vintage Wooden Wedding Table Numbers With Twine, Elegant Birch Heart Wedding Table Cards, Bespoke Eco Paper Wedding Décor, Handmade Wedding Stationery
( 200/CG/tn )

  • collection: Wood Eco Rustic Table numbers
  • Processing time:7-10 working days
3.00 USD
+ optional customization
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    Pretty table numbers minimalistic design, suitable for rustic wedding theme.
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    Add an elegant finishing touch to your wedding day with our exclusively designed rustic table décor
    Any custom wording available!
    Personalized Tented Table Numbers are a beautiful Wedding Table décors. These modern Table Numbers are made out of white and eco paper with pink twine and birch heart.
    Paper and text color can be customized.
    Centerpieces Luxury Decorations Wedding is perfect for any style of wedding
    Simple vintage Table Numbers are Perfect for weddings, bridal shower, anniversaries, engagement parties, birthday and can be customized for all the occasions.
    This item is made with high quality paper base color you choose.
    Editable text and paper color.
    This elegant table number card made of high quality paper will be a great addition to your special lunch or dinner event to indicate each table number to your guests.
    It will definitely match with your overall wedding theme.
    Minimalist Table Numbers perfect for any style of wedding, table numbers Wedding table decoration number, guest seating table, find your seat table number in own language
    To order:
    The amount you place in your basket will be the number of table numbers in your order.
    For example, if you place 5 in your basket you will receive the table numbers:
    Different colour theme?
    Please message for custom orders or colour not featured in the list.
    If you require custom table names instead of numbers please get in touch.
    We also offer welcome signs and top table signs in this style, please message for information on package orders.
    Size: aprox. 10x15 cm
    -Bar Sign
    -Guestbook Sign
    -Place Cards
    -Welcome Sign
    -Seating Chart Sign
    -Favors for Guests
  • cover/main background color
    beige shimmer
    black mat
    black shimmer
    black shimmer
    blush mat
    brown eco
    brown shimmer
    copper shimmer
    dark grey
    deep navy blue mat
    dusty blue
    eco corn
    ecru eco
    ecru mat
    ecru shimmer
    gold shimmer
    green mat
    grey eco
    hot pink mat
    hot pink shimmer
    light blue mat
    light grey mat
    lila mat
    lime shimmer
    marsala mat
    mint mat
    navy blue linen
    navy blue mat
    orange mat
    pink mat
    pink shimmer
    pistachio eco
    purple mat
    purple shimmer
    red mat
    red shimmer
    silver shimmer
    white linen
    white mat
    white shimmer
    White tracing-paper
    yellow mat
  • paper inside color/card with printout
    beige shimmer
    blush mat
    corn mat
    dark grey mat
    dusty blue
    eco brown
    ecru eco
    ecru mat
    ecru shimmer
    gold shimmer
    grey eco
    light blue mat
    light grey mat
    lilac mat
    mint mat
    pink mat
    pink shimmer
    pistachio eco
    purple mat
    red mat
    silver shimmer
    white mat
    white shimmer
    yellow mat
  • twine color
    burlap natural
    linen black
    linen blue
    linen brown
    linen dark green
    linen ginger orange
    linen light blue
    linen light green
    linen maroon
    linen mint
    linen natural
    linen navy
    linen peach
    linen pink
    linen purple
    linen thistle
    linen waxed grey
    linen waxed navy
    linen waxed pink
    linen waxed turquoise
    linen white
    raffia blue
    raffia brown
    raffia dark green
    raffia natural
    raffia pink
    silver glitter


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