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Rerto wedding guestbook, Instant Photo Book Instax Wedding Photo Guestbook
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  • Processing time:10-16 working days
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+ optional customization
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    You can stay your Preonalised wedding Guestbook for years or even longer with our Rerto wedding guestbook 
    Your wedding guest could leave some wedding wishes in our Presonalised Wedding Guest Book
    Our Custom Wedding Guestbook   is there perfect way to re-live memory's from your special day. The elegant Wedding guestbook for polaroids   will shimmer around your venue - a classic colour scheme that will look stylish on the day. You will love looking back at all the lovely messages from Presonalised Wedding Guest Book  such a special day.
    Our Wedding guestbook for polaroids – as an alternative of traditional guest books for those, who are looking for an interesting and unique way to remember all the friends and family that attended their big day.
    It is not a simple photobook, it’s a photo booth album! The next may be yours
    The best way to keep your wedding memories with you forever is by using an elegant Guest Book!
    Our luxury velvet wedding guest book is the perfect way to re-live the memories from your very special day! The bespoke wedding guest book will be surely be the star of the night!
    This classic yet unique color scheme is very stylish and will definitely leave your guests in amazement. In the future, you will love looking back at all the lovely messages inside of your glamorous wedding guest book!
    An alternative to the traditional wedding guest book for those who are looking for an interesting and different way to remember all of their friends and family that attended their big day.
    It’s not just a simple wedding guest book! It’s also a photo booth album. Just make an instant photo using a polaroid camera and write a message underneath! This album will surely be a great souvenir for the new couple. It could also be a great wedding gift idea.
    This is a hardcover guest book, a velvet personalized wedding guest book with your names and wedding date on the cover. It’s an instax wedding guest book!
    This guest book can have the following things customized:
    • The color of the velvet
    • The color of the ribbon
    • The foil print out gold, rose gold, silver & copper
    • The text and design on the cover
    • The amount of pages
    • The first page text
    • The color of the pages
    • You can purchase the book WITH or WITHOUT a cover the cover color and ribbon color is also fully customizable
    • The pages can be blank or have our premade surveys on the inside you can even do half blank pages & half survey pages
    Unveiling the Magic: A World of Personalised Wedding Guestbooks
     personalised Wedding Guestbook for polaroids, Instax Instant Wedding Guestbook, PhotoAlbum Wedding gift, type of guestbooks: elegant velvet cover with golden lettering, boho rustic wooden cover, real birch bark engraved cover, Alternative Guestbook Wedding Mad Lib Sheets in Velvet Box
    The wedding day, a moment etched in time, is an occasion that radiates love and joy. Couples strive to make their special day extraordinary, preserving the cherished moments that will forever define their love story. Personalised wedding guestbooks stand as the canvas of these memories. In this article, we will embark on a journey through the captivating world of wedding guestbooks, including Instax Instant Wedding Guestbooks, PhotoAlbum Wedding gifts, elegant velvet covers with golden lettering, boho rustic wooden covers, real birch bark engraved covers, and Alternative Guestbook Wedding Mad Lib Sheets in Velvet Boxes.
    1. Instax Instant Wedding Guestbook:
    Instax Instant Wedding Guestbooks fuse tradition with modernity. These guestbooks are an ode to instant photography, allowing guests to snap Polaroids and leave heartfelt notes. The result is an exceptional keepsake, an ensemble of candid moments and genuine emotions captured instantaneously.
    1. Personalised PhotoAlbum perfect as Wedding Gift:
    A Personalised PhotoAlbum Wedding Gift is a timeless treasure that beautifully encapsulates the wedding day's essence. These albums create a sanctuary for your most cherished memories, from heartfelt vows to candid laughter. Customisable to match your wedding theme, these albums epitomise uniqueness.
    1. Elegant Velvet Wedding Guestbook with Cover with Golden Lettering:
    Elegance knows no bounds with guestbooks featuring elegant velvet covers adorned with golden lettering. These opulent guestbooks are a testament to sophistication and luxury, perfect for formal weddings. The golden lettering adds a personal touch and is bound to captivate your guests.
    1. Boho Rustic Wedding Guestbook with Wooden Cover:
    The boho rustic wooden-covered guestbook exudes a natural, earthy charm that resonates with outdoor or barn weddings. Embracing the beauty of wood, these guestbooks serve as a wedding keepsake and a rustic decor piece that continues to grace your home.
    1. Wedding Guestbook with Real Birch Bark Engraved Cover:
    For those seeking a rustic charm that feels truly authentic, real birch bark engraved covers are a match made in heaven. These guestbooks embrace the rugged beauty of nature, immersing your wedding in a woodland-inspired ambiance.
    1. Alternative Guestbook Wedding Mad Lib Sheets in Velvet Box:
    Thinking outside the traditional guestbook box, Alternative Guestbook Wedding Mad Lib Sheets in Velvet Boxes offer a fun and interactive twist. Guests can fill out Mad Lib sheets with their creative responses, creating a unique memory that captures your wedding's playful spirit.
    A personalised wedding guestbook is more than just a book; it's a testament to love and a treasure trove of cherished moments. Whether you choose an Instax Instant Wedding Guestbook for candid snaps, a Personalised PhotoAlbum Wedding Gift to hold precious memories, an elegant velvet cover with golden lettering for timeless elegance, a boho rustic wooden cover for a touch of nature, a real birch bark engraved cover for authenticity, or Alternative Guestbook Wedding Mad Lib Sheets in a Velvet Box for a fun twist, your choice will elevate your wedding experience. These guestbooks not only reflect your style and personality but also become a keepsake you and your spouse will hold dear. Select the perfect personalised wedding guestbook to capture the enchantment of your special day.
    Creating Lasting Memories with a Personalised Instax Instant Wedding Guestbook
    personalised Instax Instant Wedding Guestbook for polaroids, Add message to your guests on first page, custom colors pages, choose pages plain or lined, choose cover color, add acrylic sign
    Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event, a celebration of love and unity that deserves to be commemorated in a truly special way. Enter the personalised Instax Instant Wedding Guestbook, a unique and innovative way to capture heartfelt moments and messages from your guests. In this article, we will explore the features and options that make this guestbook an indispensable part of your big day.
    1. Personalised Instax Instant Wedding Guestbook for Polaroids:
    The Instax Instant Wedding Guestbook takes the traditional guestbook to the next level. It seamlessly integrates the charm of Polaroid photography with the sentiment of guestbook messages. Each guest can snap a Polaroid photo and leave a heartfelt message alongside it. These instant snapshots become timeless keepsakes, capturing the essence of your wedding day in a tangible and personal way.
    1. Add a Message to Your Guests on the First Page:
    Make your guests feel even more special by adding a heartfelt message on the first page of your guestbook. Express your gratitude and share your excitement as you embark on this incredible journey together. This personal touch sets the tone for the entire guestbook, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for your friends and family to leave their own messages and memories.
    1. Custom Colors Pages:
    Personalisation is key to making your wedding guestbook truly unique. Choose custom colors for the pages to match your wedding theme or color palette. Whether you prefer classic whites or vibrant hues, customizing the page colors allows you to infuse your personality and style into every aspect of your guestbook.
    1. Choose Pages Plain or Lined:
    Tailor your guestbook to your preferences by selecting plain or lined pages. Lined pages offer guidance for your guests' messages, ensuring neat and legible entries. On the other hand, plain pages provide more creative freedom, allowing guests to express themselves in their own unique way. The choice is yours!
    1. Choose Cover Color:
    The cover of your Instax Instant Wedding Guestbook is the first thing your guests will see. Selecting the cover color is an opportunity to make a statement. Whether you opt for a classic white cover for timeless elegance or a bold and vibrant hue to match your wedding colors, the cover sets the tone for your guestbook's overall aesthetic.
    1. Add an Paper or Acrylic Sign:
    To enhance the guestbook experience further, consider adding an acrylic sign to your wedding decor. This sign can be placed near the guestbook, inviting guests to leave their well-wishes and Polaroid photos. It adds a touch of sophistication and ensures that everyone knows about this unique guestbook experience.
    A personalised Instax Instant Wedding Guestbook is more than just a book; it's a vessel for memories, a repository of love and best wishes from your nearest and dearest. With the ability to add a special message to the first page, customize page colors, choose between plain or lined pages, select the cover color, and even add an acrylic sign, this guestbook transforms your wedding day into an unforgettable experience. It's a testament to your love story and a cherished keepsake that you'll treasure for years to come. Capture the magic of your wedding day with this innovative and personalized guestbook, and relive the memories over and over again.
    We have a range of unique color options and combinations. There is so much to choose from! You will always be able to match your wedding theme. It’s always handmade with love and care!
    Create the best wedding memories with the Margo And Bees Velvet Wedding Guest Book!
    Instax Wedding Album & Guest book ! Make a instant photo and write a message. This album will be a great memory for the newlyweds.
    Hardcover guest book, Velvet Instant Photo Book Boho Elegant Instax Wedding Photo Guestbook  with your names on cover, Instant Photo Book Instax Wedding Photo Guestbook   with personalized pages, guest book with black pages, with velvet personalized wedding Photo Booth Book  blush pages- simply Choose your color!
    personalized wedding guest book, Custom made for your wedding album, with personalized  hard cover , instant photo book,  choose form wooden photo booth book to velvet real gold foil guest book
    Instax Wedding Album & Guest book ! Make a instant photo and write a message on Velvet Personalized Wedding Guest Book Booth Book
    This album will be a great memory for the newlyweds.
    Our Velvet Instant Photo Book Boho Elegant Instax Wedding Photo Guestbook are compatible with Wedding Polaroid photos!
    Our Velvet Personalized Wedding Guest Book Booth Book – as an alternative of guest book for those, who are looking for interesting, fun and unique way to remember all the friends and family that attended their big day.
    Personalized velvet personalized wedding Photo Booth Book with custom colors pages, Handmade with Love and Care.  Instant Photo Book Instax Wedding Photo Guestbook  made for with your wedding !

    Instant Photo Book made with love and care , Instax Wedding Photo Guestbook perfect for your polaroids

    Instax Wedding Book will be super cute keepsake,  Instax Photo Booth Album is perfect for your wedding
  • 1st page color
    blush mat
    dusty blue
    eco brown
    ecru mat
    ecu eco
    green mat
    grey eco
    light blue mat
    like on picture
    marsala mat
    mint mat
    navy blue mat
    pistachio eco
    red mat
    white mat
  • Wedding Guest Book Photoalbum Velvet Color
    brown cappuccino
    dark grey
    dusty blue
    emerald green
    light grey
    navy blue
    warm beige
  • pages
    53 sheets of paper
    63 sheets of paper
    73 sheets of paper
    83 sheets of paper
  • pages color
    ecru blank
    white blank
  • ribbon color
    blush pink
    dark green
    hot pink
    light blue
    light coral
    light olive
    light peach
    light pink
    light plum
    navy blue
    pale green
    royal blue
    sky blue
    tiffany blue
  • tented info card
    tented card


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