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Wedding Bolero Mesh, Wedding Mesh Shrug, Bridal Tulle wedding Coverup, Wedding Dress Topper, Bridal Capelet mesh
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  • collection: WEDDING BOLERO & SHRUGS
  • Processing time:7-14 working days
55.00 USD
+ optional customization
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    Be creative and wear our cover or jacket for Bride. Let us show you how glamourous you look in jacket or blouse.
    Perfect wedding bolero or jacket for Bride. Say YES wearing our blouse or bolero.
    Your custom made wedding bolero or jacket. Be the Bride of your dreams with blouse or bolero


    Winter or Fall wedding? Perhaps early spring? Check our handmade bespoke wedding bolero. Elegant, warm and exclusive wedding elegant wedding bolero. Ideal for your wedding suite. Elegant classy and sexy classy wedding bolero.
    Winter or Fall wedding? Perhaps early spring? Check our handmade bespoke wedding bolero. Elegant, warm and exclusive wedding elegant wedding bolero. Ideal for your wedding suite. Elegant classy and sexy classy wedding bolero.
    Ivory Wedding bolero, Shrug Women Wedding, Bridal warm Coverup, ivory Blouse for Bride, Bridal Blouse Shrug, Blouse for bride
    Ivory Wedding bolero long sleeve Balckless Shrug Women Wedding, Bridal Sweater Cover, Jacket for Bride, Bridal backless Blouse, Bridal Shrug
    This is a elegant handmade shrug ideal for weddings or special occasions
    It can also be worn with casual wear.
    This bolero shrug is made for your order.
    bridal shrug Handmade and exclusive, crafted with love and made for a unique feeling
    White shrug will look good with any type of clothing, it will be amazing with any type of bridal dress.
    This etola is an ideal cover up to create your own special look for all seasons.
    Very, soft shoulder capelet for a bride.
    Will warm your shoulders during the cold winter days. The yarn is soft that you will not want to take it off.
    Wedding Boloero It will be a beautiful and warm wedding accessory what will warm your shoulders.
    Enjoy the comfort and look elegant and beautiful.
    The perfect gift for every women
    Bolero Shrug, ivory Wedding Bolero, ecru Shrugs, Wedding Sweater, Knit Bolero, Bridal Cover up, Bridal White Bolero, Wedding Warps, White Cardigan, Wedding Shrug, Long Sleeve Shrug, Sheer Top, White Sweaters
    ---- Custom orders available ----
    Let me know if you need any extra arm room. You can do this by informing me of your upper arm circumference in inches or centimetres.

    Available sizes : XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL
    Fabrics : Mix wool-acrylic
    Hand wash at 30C/86F
    How to take your measurements :
    Measure the circumference of your bust with your arms down. The measurement should be made in the armpit level a little above the bust wider area, including arms
    Wrap a soft tape measure around your bust. It should wrap around the fullest part of your bust. The tape should be straight and parallel with the floor.
    Wrap the tape measure around your natural waist. Keep it parallel to the floor. Do not hold your breath or suck your stomach in. Hold your body erect in a comfortable standing position to get an accurate measurement. Be sure you don't draw it too tight.
    Find your bolero or jacket for Bride. + Are you looking for blouse or bolero. + Perfect wedding cover for wedding dress. + Styled photoshoot with elegant wedding jacket or cover. + Elegant cover or jacket for Bride. +wedding bolero or jacket for your wedding. + Boho wedding with jacket or blouse. + Classy wedding with jacket or blouse. + Photoshoot of the day with blouse or bolero. + Elegant and sexy elegant wedding jacket or cover. + Here is your cover or jacket for Bride. + Elegant bolero or jacket for Bride. + Wedding wedding bolero or jacket. + Your dreamy cover for wedding dress.
    A wide selection of cover for wedding dress. Your own personalized wedding bolero or jacket. Be creative and wear our bolero or jacket for Bride. Let us show you how glamourous you look in cover or jacket for Bride. Perfect wedding blouse or bolero. Say YES wearing our elegant wedding jacket or cover. Your custom made jacket or blouse. Be the Bride of your dreams with wedding bolero or jacket.
    Enhance your bridal ensemble with our exquisite Wedding Lace Bolero Shrug. This custom lace wedding bolero is a perfect addition to your special day, offering both style and functionality.
    Crafted with delicate ecru lace, this lace shrug exudes elegance and charm. The intricate lace patterns add a touch of romance, creating a stunning focal point that beautifully complements any wedding dress. The bolero design features long sleeves, providing coverage while still allowing your gown to shine.
    The bridal tulle bolero is specifically designed to enhance the bare back of your wedding dress. It adds a touch of allure and sophistication, allowing you to showcase your back while adding a touch of modesty. The sheer tulle fabric gracefully drapes over your shoulders, creating a soft and ethereal look.
    Made with attention to detail, this lace bridal cover-up features puff sleeves that add a touch of whimsy and femininity to your ensemble. The puff sleeves are adorned with lace trim, creating a delicate and romantic effect that enhances the overall aesthetic.
    Not only does this lace bolero shrug add a beautiful finishing touch to your wedding dress, but it also offers practicality. It provides warmth and coverage, perfect for cooler weather or for adding a touch of modesty during religious ceremonies. The versatility of this piece makes it an essential addition to any bride's wardrobe.
    Whether you're looking for a wedding dress topper or a bridal cover-up, our lace bolero shrug is the perfect choice. It effortlessly elevates your bridal look with its intricate lace details, long sleeves, and delicate puff sleeves. Make a statement on your special day with this timeless and elegant accessory.
    Enhance Your Bridal Elegance with a Stunning Wedding Cape Mesh
    Your wedding day is a momentous occasion filled with cherished memories. To elevate your bridal elegance and make a lasting impression, consider the exquisite Wedding Cape Mesh. Let's explore the beauty and significance of this captivating bridal accessory:
    1. Ethereal Mesh Fabric
    Crafted from delicate mesh fabric, the Wedding Cape Mesh adds an ethereal touch to your bridal ensemble. The sheer quality of the mesh creates an enchanting effect, allowing your wedding gown to shine through while adding a layer of intrigue and allure.
    2. Versatile Wedding Accessory
    This cape is designed to be a versatile wedding accessory. It serves as a wedding dress topper, allowing you to transition effortlessly from the ceremony to the reception. Its lightweight and airy design ensure you remain comfortable throughout your special day.
    3. Bridal Tulle Coverup
    The bridal tulle design of this cape exudes a sense of romance and sophistication. It complements a wide range of wedding gown styles and enhances your overall bridal beauty. Its timeless charm makes it a perfect choice for brides seeking classic elegance.
    4. Wedding Dress Topper
    The Wedding Cape Mesh acts as a beautiful wedding dress topper, providing an extra layer of coverage without overpowering your gown. It's ideal for brides who want to add a touch of grace and modesty to their wedding look while maintaining a sense of style.
    5. Bridal Capelet with Mesh Charm
    As a bridal capelet, this accessory drapes gracefully over your shoulders, creating a charming and enchanting look. Whether you're having an indoor or outdoor wedding, the Wedding Cape Mesh enhances the atmosphere and adds a touch of magic to your surroundings.
    In Conclusion: Elevate Your Bridal Ensemble
    The Wedding Cape Mesh is a bridal accessory that enhances your overall look and ensures you stand out as a radiant bride. Its ethereal mesh fabric, versatile design, and timeless appeal make it a remarkable choice for brides who desire both style and comfort on their wedding day. Embrace the enchantment it brings, and let it be a cherished part of your wedding celebration, ensuring you look and feel exquisite as you say "I do."
    Wedding Bolero Mesh, Wedding Mesh Shrug, Bridal Tulle wedding Coverup, Wedding Dress Topper, Bridal Capelet mesh


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