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custom wording wooden
( 01/woodA/w )

  • collection: wood/3D
  • Processing time:10-21 working days
3.50 USD
+ optional customization
    These matched place cards are a perfect detail for your wedding ceremony!
    All the place cards are custom wording for you to match them to your wedding style
    personalized wedding stationery for your perfect big day!
    Unique, personalized and lasercut place cards made for your wedding! 
    These personalized engraved place cards are a perfect detail for your wedding stationery
    Impress your guests and choose this wooden place cards!
    Colours of papers, twines, styles and fonts can be completely personalized.
    You can choose from many colors and types.
    Click \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'buy now\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' to choose your options and place an order.
  • type of wood
    like on the picture
    natural color wood
    rustic wood


Your couch. It is mine.